Leopard Booty Band | Limited Edition

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Fierce, sexy, yet cute. This Leopard Booty Band is your next favourite partner when you’re going to a quick gym or at-home workout! With its stylish leopard mark that perfectly matches your personality, this essential workout tool not only helps you build strength and activate glutes but also adds a touch of flair to your exercise routine. Whether you're doing crab walks, glute-building exercises, or donkey kickbacks, the Leopard Booty Band is the go-to accessory to enhance your workout.

Key Features:

  • Non Slip Easy Use. Our Booty Bands are designed with a stretch cotton non-slip fabric so you can prevent sliding and stay put while executing your exercises efficiently and with no hassle.
  • Unrivalled Quality. Made from the highest quality of elastic fabric, our product offers a softer feel, making your workout experience even more comfortable. With its breathable design, you can keep on grinding and get the gains you want. The breathable fabric also ensures optimum comfort during intense workout sessions. Experience the unmatched comfort and breathability that our product provides, while enjoying the unrivalled quality it offers.
  • Snap Resistant. Booty Bands are made of tough polyester and natural latex, ensuring it will never tear while you workout.
  • Versatile Light Resistance Our Leopard Print Resistance Band is designed with a light resistance fabric, making it an excellent starting point for your workout regime. This resistance band is perfect for working those glutes and will help you achieve the confidence and balance you need.

What’s included:

  • 1 x Leopard print non-slip fabric light resistance (370mm L x 80mm W)
  • 1 x Carry bag included

Product specifications:

  • Premium fabric material band
  • Silicone taping on the inside of the band for a non-slip hold for a more comfortable workout
  • Durable and lightweight, perfect for activating any muscle group
  • Raised logo for added style
  • Portable and easy to take anywhere for ultimate convenience
  • Made from 60% Polyester cotton & 40% Latex for high quality
  • High quality fabric bands, with a non-slip design for a firmer grip
  • Activate your glutes, assisting in muscle growth and strength for ultimate shape and convenience.

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