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"Your body can do it, it's time to change your mind"

After really neglecting myself on-and-off for the past 2 years focusing on setting up my own business, I decided about 4 months ago to make myself a priority & get back into better exercise and nutrition routine. I have lost 10kgs so far which I’m super proud of, but have definitely started to plateau the last month & wasn’t sure what I was doing wrong. After being 4 weeks into an 8 week nutrition program with Amber, I can now see why. I’ve never counted calories or anything like that in the past, so I had no idea what it involved but Amber has made it so incredibly easy to buy, prep & cook the food, it’s all absolutely delicious & after 1 week I could already see & feel a massive difference.

- Jasmin

I lost 3.5kg but a massive 18.5cm around my waist.

I also never had to eat the usual boring chicken and broccoli instead I was eating things like chicken bowls, beef stroganoff, chicken pizza and even ice cream too. I couldn't recommend the plan enough and thank Amber for guiding me to a healthier lifestyle without having to starve myself.

- Ashley

I've always been one that thought cutting out bread, pasta, rice and potato was the only way to eat a healthy lifestyle! boy was I wrong, I get to eat all of these things (huge portions too) in your guide and it’s all amazing fresh food. your program has really opened my eyes to all that is available at a general supermarket to eat like a king but to fuel your body with all the goodness. absolutely over the moon I signed up your program, I haven’t felt this motivated for a long time ❤️


Very happy with the results. Feeling amazing physically and mentally. Loving that I am moving my body everyday and starting to see my body shape changing slowly everyday.

- Louisa

Thanks so much for a great challenge Amber. It’s been fantastic. You have really helped me kick start my journey to a healthier lifestyle more than I ever thought. The food, the program, support everything has been excellent. Thank you.

- Tammi

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