Workout Anywhere Kit

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Your Workout Anywhere Kit is designed so that you can get your full gym workout at home or anywhere in the world. 

This compact fitness kit is designed to target the whole body from your arms to your legs and even get the blood pumping with a little bit of cardio. This great kit is compact enough to take anywhere with you, weighing only 600g it's light enough to put in your luggage and take away with you! From a beach workout to a fun family workout in the park no matter where you are or who you're with everyone can get involved.

Each kit contains: 
  • 1 x Light Cotton Resistance Band 
  • 1 x Loop Band 
  • 1 x Sliders 
  • 1 x Skipping Rope
  • 2 x Exercise Cards (8 workouts in total)
  • 1 x Carry Bag

Skipping Rope: A basic skipping rope that is adjustable and will enhance your cardio.

Resistance Band: The resistance band comes in a light strengthen. This high quality band will active your glutes and can be used for many different exercise.

Sliders: The slides will help with your core and can be used for many exercises like lunges, mountain climbers and push ups.

Loop Band: A basic band which can be used to complete many exercises for the full body like deadlifts, overhead press, bench over row.