Reset Your Mindset Program

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So excited to bring the Reset your mindset program to MNB not only is it a fitness program but a mindset program, it will challenge you and push you to your limits! I will be your side every step of the way!

Learn how to take control of your mindset again and have a healthy balance in life, feel happier and healthier, with so much support, learning materials and all access for 12 weeks that’s right you only pay for 9 weeks, and I will give you an extra 3 weeks access of the program for FREE.

With the right training, materials, support, and the proper mindset, the healthy and balanced lifestyle will be within reach!

Let's get you started on the right path with the proper foundations that can benefit you in the long run! The Reset Your Mindset Program is infused with the proper materials, expert advice, tools, and a healthy support group that can push you to your limits. 

What Do You Get? 

  • 12 weeks of access to my app
  • 9 weeks of meal plans
  • Access to All Health Food Recipes
  • 12 week training guide
  • A copy of my Nutrition guide, how to macro ebook, Simply Delicious ebook and all my templates
  • 12 week workbook to help you set your goals and stay on track
  • 2 x fitness test
  • Weekly stretch session
  • 3 x 5 rep max workout to track your progress
  • Habit tracker
  • Weekly check-in
  • Mindset podcast, affirmations, meditation and much more
  • Unlimited online support and contact with me.
  • Access to my private Facebook forum
  • I’m by your side to help you achieve your goals and find your strength again.


Key Benefits: 

💖  Excellent Support. Our Reset Your Mindset Program is packaged with unlimited online support of me as your coach, with access to a quick response to Facebook forum for added questions. 

💖  Mindset Boost. It has a mindset podcast, habit tracker, affirmations, meditations, and other mental health boosting activities that can help you get the proper mindset to achieve your goals. 

💖  Mental and Physical Wellness. You will not only get a sexy physique but also a stronger mental well-being that can help you face life's challenges. 

💖  BONUS! Sign-up for the program for 9-weeks now and you’ll get it extended to up to 3 more weeks of access for the entire program. Don’t miss this opportunity today! 

If you need something new for your mental and physical health, then this is the program for you! Join me and we’ll reach your goals together! 


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Note: Meal plans are generic and are a repeat of the week. This means you will eat the same meals for a whole week. The meal plans are versatile so you can get creative with your ingredients and try something new. You will be placed in a calorie group that will be best for you.

Note: The training guide is a guide of what workouts you should do. These aren't workouts written for you, you will need to attend a gym or create a home workout to complete.