Stainless Steel Shaker

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It’s time to take your shaker game to the next level.

A fully insulated shaker bottle, which will ensure your smoothies are kept cold. Tough flip ensures no spillages, So fresh, so cool.

But it’s more than just good looking, This Stainless-Steel Shaker has a long list of impressive specs too 

  • It’s durable and designed for long term use, so you'll save on plastics
  • A solid 750ml capacity for your protein shakes, smoothies, BCAAs and even for sipping on water during the day
  • Prevents unwanted leakages with quality tough flip
  • Keeps drinks colder for longer so you can enjoy a refreshing drink all day!


Tough enough to endure every day

    • 750ml volume
    • stainless steel, with durable flip open lid
    • Mixing ball
    • Suitable for cold contents
    • Hand wash recommended


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